Disposable DVDs

By Deane Barker on September 9, 2003

Disney unveils DVDs that self-destruct in 48 hours: I’m not a big environmental rights guy, but do we really need another disposable anything? The amount of landfill waste the computer industry generates alone is bad enough — should we be encouraging people to throw DVDs in there as well?

“If Walt Disney Co. gets its wish, an experimental type of DVD will begin flying off store shelves Tuesday, and self-destructing 48 hours later. …

The red DVDs turn an unreadable black 48 hours after their packages are opened — exposing them to oxygen, which reacts with the disc in a process similar to how Polaroid film develops.”

There’s a plan to allow consumers to send back the useless DVDs for recycling instead of throwing them away, but — come on — if I’m too lazy to return a DVD to the rental store, am I going to take the time to mail it somewhere?



  1. It will cause huge enviromental problems as dvds are very durable.If you have to return to the store to recycle or to by another, or go to the post office why not just return the rental dvd?Also you only have 48 hours to watch it,a lot of rental stores give you 4/5 days.Finally you will be using 1 DVD per person as apposed to 000′ with rental.Huge,Huge E waste.

  2. EZ DVDs contains Phosgene + Biphenol, both toxic chemicals.Phosgene was used as a chemical weapon in World War 1 and is never broken down. Bisphenol is almost non detectable and promotes types of cancer.

  3. Just what this world needs another disposable item that isn’t disposable. I refuse now to buy anything from these people who show an utter lack of respect for the environment and the world. It’s an utter disgrace.

  4. Great I like it!!!! I get to buy a DVD for what like 4 bucks.. Throw it into my computer and copy it…. and I dont have to even take it back!!!!!! AWSOME!!!! Hmmm I also wonder if you could somehow seal it from getting Oxygen and have it still play…. I will have to mess with this if it ever comes out. Thanks stupid movie companys for allowinfg me to copy your DVDs without having to even take them back!!! WoooooHoooooo!!

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