Reboot Humor

By Deane Barker on September 9, 2003

Dell Patents “Reboot and See If That Fixes It” Tech Support Process: Funny, but shouldn’t Microsoft be patenting this one?

“Dell announced that they had been granted a patent for the ‘reboot and see if that fixes it’ technical support process, which they pioneered.

‘We’re really taking our cue from other industries,’ said CEO Michael Dell. ‘The American Medical Association patented the ‘let’s see if that hurts tomorrow’ treatment plan and General Motors patented the ‘turn it off and start it up again’ fixing process for automobiles.’”



  1. That’s almost as funny as Apple tech support having people rebuild the desktop file or reset the parameter RAM. I read a report a while back that said doing either of these things actually fixed less than 1 percent of the problems, but it bought the tech guy at least 5 minutes to get a better answer for the frantic customer on the line.

    At least Apple didn’t patent the process!

  2. Heck, I’ve been working tech support for 6 years. I’d rebooting, rebuilding the desktop, and/or zapping the PRAM fixes the majority of problems, at least on Macs. For Windows, restarting fixes an astonishingly high number of problems.

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