Metal Storm

By on September 8, 2003

Metal Storm Limited has put together an all new ballistic weapon technology that eliminates most mechanical action from weapons, replacing it with electronic triggering mechanisms that can lead to all kinds of unique solutions.

Metal Storm’s technology provides a means whereby objects, such as bullets that have been tightly grouped in multiple tube containers such as barrels, can be stored, transported in and electrically fired from those same containers. These containers or barrels can be grouped in any configuration, to meet any particular application.

The technology has no known equivalent, and can provide an electronically variable burst rate of fire, from conventionally slow to previously unobtainable rates, in excess of one million rounds per minute.

The technology was originally inspired by a desire to try to reduce the number of mechanical steps required to load, fire, eject and reload weapons. In a quantum leap Metal Storm takes ballistics from nineteenth century mechanical operations into the new millennium.

Did you catch that? Burst rate in excess of a million rounds per minute! The handguns and rifles can pop off two or three rounds before recoil forces the barrel off the target. And it makes true “smart guns” a more realistic possibility.

Be sure to check out the Technology Demonstration page, and the video footage found there.



  1. The History Channel had a show on the future of weapons technology that featured this system. They had a rack of 20 tubes of these that they burst fired. It was insane. The sound isn’t even like an automatic weapon. It’s more of a cross between a highly-revved chainsaw and a rush of air.

  2. I think that its good and bad. making it is a bit of a stupid move because the enemy 9whoever they are right now) could get thier hands on it and make it somehow better or faster so they wold have the advantage But making it is good in a way because it gives us a better defence, and it furthens our knowledge on technology and ballistics.

    heh, my friend wants a wall of them to use as a security system, i worry about him.

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