Electronic Lifeguard

By Deane Barker on September 8, 2003

Digital Eyes Scan Pools For Trouble

“When the first toe is dipped into the pool at Fairfax County’s newest recreation center next year, swimmers will be watched by a sophisticated system of digital cameras above and below the water’s surface that will act like an extra lifeguard.

If the cameras spot a swimmer in distress, they will send a message to a computer, triggering lifeguards’ pagers within seconds and giving them the swimmer’s precise location for a rescue. …

A central workstation on the pool deck at Cub Run will have monitors where the cameras’ footage will be digitally stored. McCarthy said he was amazed at ‘the idea of having cameras in real time be able to identify a moving body and understand what is normal and what is not normal’ for a swimmer. The pagers will go off within 10 seconds of the computer recognizing a problem, McCarthy said, and lifeguards should be able to reach a troubled swimmer within 20 seconds.”



  1. Good article. Good to know this technology is now or almost available. I want to contact the ELECTRONIC LIFEGUARD’s manufacturer. Can you help me? Thank you.

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