Study: .Net Tops J2EE

By Deane Barker on September 8, 2003

Forrester: Windows Platform Bests Linux For Application Development: Don’t go jumping to conclusions — Microsoft did commission this study.

“On Tuesday, Forrester Research’s Giga Information Group unit is expected to release the results of a study commissioned by Microsoft finding that applications developed and deployed on Windows are cheaper to develop, deploy and maintain than those developed on J2EE/Linux platforms. …

Forrester cites the combination of J2EE application servers and Unix databases as being more costly and complex, when measured against comparable Microsoft solutions. The Cambridge, Mass.-based market researcher claims that Microsoft .Net development tools reduce the labor costs associated with the development and maintenance of custom applications. Large and mid-size organizations can between 25 and 28 percent in terms of development, deployment and maintenance costs by basing their solutions on the Microsoft platform vs. an open-source one, the Forrester study says.”

My question is why doesn’t LAMP ever get included in these studies? Is it not even consdiered competition?