Apple Aiming for Enterprise Market

By on September 5, 2003

According to an article on ThinkSecret, Apple Computer has assembled an Enterprise Sales Group that will focus on selling the Xserve and Xserve RAID to big-time IT management groups. The Xserve and matching RAID box have been catching on in IT circles, what with the combination of slick hardware and Unix-based software that doesn’t require a high geek quotient to run.

Apple servers have been getting good reviews in non-Apple-centric publications of late, and add to that the fact that the Office of Management and Budget on Aug. 26 released a revised version of its Technical Reference Model (TRM) which included OS X and Linux as “supported platforms” (article here) where only Windows & Sun were previously.

The combination of low price, solid hardware, and stable software is just what IT managers are looking for. And that’s what Apple’s new sales group needs to tout.