Dell Starts to Mirror Gateway’s Strategy

By Deane Barker on September 5, 2003

Soon: LCD TVs From Dell?: Again with the Gateway strategy tie-in.

“Dell is expected to break into the consumer electronics market this year with the release of a line of LCD television sets, according to an analyst in Taipei. …

The move into the market for LCD TVs marks a departure from Dell’s traditional computing hardware business, Hsieh says. The analyst says it reflects the company’s growing interest in the consumer electronics business and the blurring line between consumer electronics and computers.”

And the official “Deane is an Idiot” score for today….Gateway is at $6.06. Cue the broken record: “I could have bought at $2. I could have bought at $2. I could have bought at $2.”

Weird, though, Gateway just announced layoffs in Sioux Falls and North Sioux City.



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