China Hacks Taiwan

By Deane Barker on September 5, 2003

Cabinet says computers under attack: Is this the new frontier of international conflict? Don’t bother invading physically, just bring down their IT infrastructure.

“China has launched a systematic information warfare campaign against Taiwan, spreading Trojan-horse programs into private companies’ computers as a means to break into government databases, the Cabinet said yesterday.

‘National intelligence has indicated that an army of hackers based in China’s Hubei and Fujian provinces has successfully spread 23 different Trojan horse programs to the networks 10 private high-tech companies here to use them as a springboard to break into at least 30 different government agencies and 50 private companies,’ Cabinet Spokesman Lin Chia-lung said yesterday.”

Maybe this is how physical invasions will start. At Normandy we softened the Nazis up with bombs. Perhaps next time we’ll unleash Sobig on them 24 hours before we hit the beach.



  1. Don’t think that the Chinese are the only one’s trying this. I have seen articles as far back as Desert Storm, that we attacked Iraq’s infrastructure with cyberwarfare. It is claimed that the US also knocked out a power grid in Bosnia/Serbia/Kosovo before the Air Force went to work in 1999 using similar attacks. Our latest attempt was referred to in an article in Wired back in Febuary (,2100,57591,00.html).

    I think we are only at the tip of the iceburg on this type of attack.

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