Physically Protesting Spammers

By Deane Barker on September 5, 2003

I got this in my Lockergnome Windows Daily RSS feed. I can’t figure out the author or how to attribute this, so I’ll just re-print it (there’s a copyright-friendly strategy, eh?).

This is a great point. We get so wrapped up in the virtual world that we forget the value of a good ol’ fashioned picket line.

“I know a lot of spammers are off-shore and untouchable, but there are a bunch here in the U.S. running relatively legitimate businesses. What if we started staging protests at their front doors?

I’m thinking particularly of a company here in the Bay Area that does a lot of spamming, and they’re a normal company with offices, employees, and a softball team. I don’t particularly want to see the company go out of business or their employees lose their jobs (especially in this job market), though I imagine that a protest in front of their offices — or even more powerful: at their softball games — might send a loud, uncomfortable message to them.

And if the protests continued, and grew in size, a bit of internal discussion or even rebellion from the company’s employees might emerge. Granted, this is a bit like attacking King Kong with a pea-shooter, but just the news-worthiness of it might reach out on a national level. Who knows?”