Squeezing Money Out of Bad URLs

By Deane Barker on September 5, 2003

Up2Speed: Verisign to Redirect ‘Trash Traffic’: I predict a war of some sort will break out over this.

“Currently, when an incorrect address is entered into a browser, the user is directed either to a 404 page or to an MSN or AOL search page. This could soon change. These incorrectly entered addresses, referred to as “trash traffic,” are now being explored for revenue potential.

Internet registry company Verisign is experimenting with a system that can re-direct people who incorrectly enter an address to a site of their choosing, usurping the efforts of AOL and MSN to capture this traffic.”



  1. Isn’t this another way Verisign is trying to recoup the 22.5 billion dollars they wasted buying Network solutions.

    You think with all the high-powered executives that someone would of figured out be fore they spent the money that they will NEVER, and I mean NEVER recoup their investment.


  2. There could be no bigger misuse of authority given to any company that controls so much of a needed service that should be governed by public organizations. No public company that can earn a profit should have been allowed to have that much responsibility for something so crucial to internet life. Their move to be like a msn 404 search screen is disgusting. I can turn the msn search off. I can choose to get the information. Now imagine if a virus was inserted on the versign search page… hmm the possibilities.

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