Nielsen on The Screen Savers

By Deane Barker on September 4, 2003

Jakob Nielsen is on The Screen Savers right now railing against PDFs. He makes a good case. This is a follow-up to his previously-posted diatribe on the subject.

To clarify, Nielsen isn’t against PDFs altogether. In fact, he sells many reports in PDF format (I even bought one once). He just doesn’t want them for online content, and I tend to agree with him.



  1. I wonder, though, if Nielsen has had to take a four-to-eight page newsletter and make it suitable for the web. Out of a program like Pagemaker or InDesign, PDF is as easy as an export…and the compression seems to be getting better.

    I don’t know, though, that people would necessarily read the content online. They probably download it and then print it.

    Wait…doesn’t Pagemaker have an HTML feature? Anybody know how that ends up looking in code? Is it junk code, or is it pretty good?

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