God Bless the Link Light

By Deane Barker on March 27, 2003

So I’m in New Orleans at this convention with a little Toshiba laptop running XP Home. To my horror, I have no development platform (XP Home won’t run IIS). That hasn’t stopped me from coding as I have EditPlus and I can upload from dial-up the hotel, but still.

This morning I went network hunting at the convention center, Cat 5 cable in hand. I tried five RJ-45 jacks before I got a link light. Pure joy. The hotel had a DHCP server, and I was online in about 10 seconds. I’m writing this cross-legged on the floor in the corner of a huge meeting hall. I’m staying here until I’m discovered.

It’s been 10 minutes, and I’ve downloaded Apache 2, PHP 4.3, Perl 5.6, Soap::Lite, HTML::Template, and MySQL 4. Life…is…good.



  1. I love your site! The layout is excellent and easy to browse and the color scheme works really well.

    I know what you mean about going network hunting. When I went to Europe this past summer with my friends, our group ended up being heavily computer geeks – everybody was involved in some kind of science field.

    By day we were eager students soaking up culture – and by evening and night we were desperate, internet deprived junkies searching high and low for tiny hole in the wall places that would satisfy our cravings.



  2. LOL – just picturing you sitting indian style in the corner of the Great Room giggling to yourself in excitement…again LOL

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