The Limitations of Screen Reading

By Deane Barker on July 9, 2015

Everything Science Knows About Reading On Screens: More proof that reading on the screen is not the same as reading on paper.

But this style of reading may come at a cost—Liu noted in his study that sustained attention seems to decline when people read onscreen rather than on paper, and that people also spend less time on in-depth reading. “In digital, we can link in different media, images, sound, and other text, and people can get overwhelmed,”

[…] The researchers found that when people read short nonfiction onscreen, their understanding of the text suffered because people managed their time poorly compared with when they used paper.

There’s even a slight difference between reading on paper and reading on a Kindle.

Mangen explains that the tactile feedback of paper may help people process certain information when they read, and this may be lost when we move to digital texts.