Text Wins

By Deane Barker on October 14, 2014

always bet on text: I enjoyed this blog post about something I also believe to be true: text in the safest, most stable, most durable communication medium we have ever known.

I figured I should just post this somewhere so I can make future reference to how I feel about the matter, anytime someone asks me about such-and-such video, 3D, game or “dynamic” multimedia system. Don’t get me wrong, I like me some illustrations, photos, movies and music.

But text wins by a mile. Text is everything. My thoughts on this are quite absolute: text is the most powerful, useful, effective communication technology ever, period.

Text is the oldest and most stable communication technology (assuming we treat speech/signing as natural phenomenon — there are no human societies without it — whereas textual capability has to be transmitted, taught, acquired) and it’s incredibly durable.

It amazes me the communication we can have through text – the ideas, emotions, and concepts we can communication through wiggly little symbols that appear somewhere. There’s a profoundly amazing aspect to the idea of a symbolic alphabet.