By Deane Barker on July 8, 2014

Scoop: A Glimpse Into the NYTimes CMS: The NY Times lifts the lid on its own CMS – entitled “Scoop” – to explain how it works and what it does. The article is brilliant: it explains a lot of the features in clear terms. Some notes:

  • The system is clearly decoupled, and they explain why very well.
  • They have field and field group level locking, so that editors can work on the same article at the same time.
  • They publish 700 articles a day out of it.
  • They’re using ICE, their own comment- and change-enhanced text editor, which they open-sourced.

If you love CMS, this is a great article. I think few companies share at this level because they don’t think anyone would be interested, but there’s a subculture of card-carrying CMS nerds that love this stuff