CityDesk Home Edition is No More

By Deane Barker on August 29, 2003

Joel on Software – Tuesday, August 26, 2003: Fog Creek has eliminated their Home Edition of CityDesk, thus upping the cheapest price from $79 to $299, which I find awfully depressing.

“We used to have both a Home Edition and a Professional Edition. That was a brave experiment, which was, I have to admit, something of a failure. Call it the Fog Creek PCjr. We wanted to make a cheaper entry-level version of CityDesk, but in the end we made something that was too cheap to support profitably, and which ended up making people worry about article count limits and go to ridiculous lengths to keep their sites under 500 pages.”

CityDesk is a great, great product, but $299 puts it in a entirely different league of tools.