Microsoft Surface Review

By Deane Barker on March 13, 2014

Microsoft Surface: A Tale of Two Computers: A notoriously pro-Mac website reviews the Microsoft Surface and likes it.

[…] with Surface, Microsoft has created a kind of computer that is new, innovative, and exciting, while simultaneously not leaving the past behind. […] by forcing myself to revisit the Surface, I have come to admire that which I once dismissed, and to realize how alternatives to the Apple ecosystems can help move consumer computing forward in ways I had scarcely imagined.

(I’m cherry-picking a bit – there are plenty of negative quotes in there, but the spirit of the review is clearly positive.)

I saw a guy with a Surface in Stockholm once.  It was amazing – an awesome tablet, then he hooked his keyboard, mouse, and monitor up to it, and it was a full-blown desktop PC.  I was impressed.