Now What 2014

By Deane Barker on February 19, 2014

nwWe’re doing it again this year…

Now What 2014

We did this conference last year, and it was a huge hit.  Reviews were fantastic – both attendees and speakers absolutely loved it.

This year will be even better, and that isn’t a marketing pitch.  Here’s the speaker line-up:

I go to a lot of conferences, and this line-up is better than damn-near all of them.  To have this group at my own conference is pretty amazing for me.

We added a workshop day where Jeff S. will be talking about analytics, and Corey will be talking about content maintenance.

The event is April 24 (workshops are the 23rd) in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

We worked hard to keep it affordable too: the main event is just $250, which is an absolute steal.  I defy you to find this level of content at that price, anywhere.

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