By Deane Barker on February 4, 2014

I’ve been quite interested in decoupled CMS lately. I’m a coupled guy, in general, but we’ve talked in the past about the benefits of decoupling, and how decoupled CMS is really making a comeback.

Recently, I got a chance to build a proof-of-concept for Movable Type on decoupling an ASP.Net site using MT as a backend.  The idea is that MT runs behind your firewall and injects data into an ASP.Net MVC instance for rendering.  (I have a long history with Movable Type – this blog ran on it for almost a decade.)

The use case in my head is an ASP.Net transactional application (think online banking, or something similar) that has some marketing or help-style content that needs to be managed.  Since dropping a coupled CMS on top of a larger application is fraught with potential issues, you would need a decoupled CMS pushing content into that environment, and how do you handle that?

Movable Type engaged with me to come up with some POC code, which I’ve released to GitHub.  A whitepaper is forthcoming about some of the challenges and solutions around this problem.

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