PanIP Decked by the Courts

By Deane Barker on August 27, 2003 The blood-sucking parasites known as PanIP may be up the creek. We can only hope. (See this entry for background.) This is from the site formed by a group of defendants:

“In July, we received notice that the PTO has accepted our request for reexamination and agrees that we have raised ‘a substantial new question of patentability’ as to the claims of the first of PanIP’s patents. Thus, this patent will now be reexamined in its entirety and we are confident that it will be invalidated. We anticipate a similar finding with respect to the second PanIP patent shortly.

Second, we have obtained an award of attorney’s fees against PanIP for approximately $19,000.00…”

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  1. Check out this news from PanIP’s site:


    Contact: William G. Wilhelm
    Raymond Mercado

    PanIP Settles All Litigation With The “You May Be Next” Defendants

    San Diego, CA March 24, 2004. PanIP, LLC is pleased to announce that as of March 19, 2004, it has settled all outstanding litigation with the members of the “PanIP Group Defense Fund, Inc.,” the originators of the You May Be Next website. PanIP released those defendants from liability by issuing them covenants not to sue under a confidential settlement agreement. Currently, PanIP has no outstanding litigation in relation to its United States Patent Portfolio.

    In the fall of 2002, PanIP filed suit against 40 individual defendants in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California in San Diego, California, alleging that those defendants were infringing claims in U.S. Patents Nos. 6,289,319 B1 and 5,576,951. Shortly after PanIP initiated suit, a group of sixteen defendants formed the “PanIP Group Defense Fund” in an effort to defeat the patents. Their efforts, like those of another group defense fund formed in 2002, were fruitless. Since 2002, when PanIP began enforcing its intellectual property rights, all parties that have been sued for patent infringement have settled with PanIP and the cases have been dismissed.

    PanIP, LLC is a technology development company that holds a number of United States and Canadian high-impact patents. Several additional patent applications are pending.

    For more information about PanIP, LLC, please visit

    A pretty distressing turnaround from the last message huh? Looks like they may be at it again…

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