Battle of the Search Indices

By Deane Barker on August 27, 2003

Google to Overture: Mine’s Bigger

“Overture announced last week that it had increased the size of its AlltheWeb database to 3,151,743,117 pages, claiming the title of world’s largest search index. The new index was about 68 million pages larger than Google’s claimed 3,083,324,652 pages.

Yesterday, Google upped the ante, updating its home page to report ‘searching 3,307,998,701 web pages.’ The change was made without comment by Google.”

I remember when AllTheWeb was run by Fast Search and Transfer, which also sold a great search engine product, first for $10,000, now for something like $200,000.

I ran into them at Intranets 2001 in San Jose, and they quoted the first price. A few months later, when my company was ready to buy, I called them back. I metioned that $10,000 quote I got previously, and she said, “Oh, we’ve raised our prices a bit since then.” Yeah, just a bit.