How to Air-Gap a Computer

By Deane Barker on October 11, 2013

Want to Evade NSA Spying? Don’t Connect to the Internet: Interesting article from Bruce Schneier about how to run an air-gapped computer — a computer that is never connected to a network (the Internet, or anything else), and is literally kept safe by a “gap” of “air.”

Since we know that computers connected to the internet are vulnerable to outside hacking, an air gap should protect against those attacks. There are a lot of systems that use — or should use — air gaps: classified military networks, nuclear power plant controls, medical equipment, avionics, and so on.

Osama Bin Laden used one. I hope human rights organizations in repressive countries are doing the same.

A long time ago, I asked a related question: Can You Crack an Unpowered Computer?. I also pondered the idea of a Timed Air Gap Connector?.

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