Green Web Design is a Thing

By Deane Barker on September 24, 2013

Sustainable Web Design: This is just fascinating. Call me oblivious, but I had no idea this was actually a thing.

Right now, at least 332 million tons of CO2—40 percent of the internet’s total footprint—falls at least partially under the responsibility of people who make the web. It needn’t be that large, but with our rotating carousels, high-res images, and more, we have been designing increasingly energy-demanding websites for years, creating monstrous HUMVEE sites where we could be just as well served by slender hybrids or, better yet, bicycles.

Regardless of where you stand ecologically, it’s worth reading.



  1. Wonder why they don’t consider the computational power of rendering pages (static vs dynamic). What about memory caching versus disk I/O?

    Very interesting though. Next time someone calls my site ugly, I will say its green.

  2. This reminds me of Blackle from a few years ago (

    These folks claim their Black background version of Google saves piles of Watt hours over Google’s white background. Google actually released a paper disputing their claims a few weeks after the site debuted.

    Saving energy by reducing the transfer is the easy part, butany green web design hoping to cut corners on the user’s processing of javascript, or other hardware related expenses seems to be a lot more difficult.

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