The 5K

By Deane Barker on August 26, 2003

5K Competition

“Since 2000, the hugely popular 5k competition has been challenging web developers to create the most innovative and stimulating work possible in less than 5,120 bytes.

Entries for the 5k can include virtually any client-side technology in use on the web, including Flash, DHTML, Java, SVG, X3D, and weirder things that you need plug-ins for. But remember, if the judges can’t see it, they will probably give you a very bad score. No server-side processing is allowed. “

I remember when I first saw this contest several years ago I was working in a start-up development group and we thought we were awfully good (you all know who you are… :-)

Anyway, we had some ideas about how we were going to win this thing, and we screwed around with some of them, but never entered. When the winners were announced, we’re we totally humbled — people had done things in 5 KB that just boggled the mind. One guy built an entire catalog and shopping cart in JavaScript — complete with block drawings of the products.

I love that they don’t tell you about any browser standards. The judges could be using anything and you either have to plan for that, or disregard it and hope for the best.