Star Wars Kid Update

By on August 25, 2003

It was bad enough that The Star Wars Kid was exposed to the world by his “friends”. Now, the geek world in general is working this kid over. 73 clones (and counting) of this video clip have already been made and published. I hate to say it, but some of them are quite funny. How is this kid ever going to get a date for the prom?



  1. Why wouldn’t he get a date for the prom? If I was him I’d be milking the fact I was the “Star Wars Kid” for all it was worth! There’s got to be a cool geek girl that would go out with him because of that and the fact he’s practically famous from this. If Lucas has any intelligence at all he’ll give him the cameo he deserves and then he’d really be famous. He ought to be an honorary jedi for the meme he’s spawned. He obviously loves the franchise.

  2. I was one of the first to see the Star Wars Kid, and it’s still fucking hilarious. I wish I could meet this guy and shake his hand.

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