Macs Good, Windows Bad

By on August 25, 2003

Movie critic Roger Ebert recently answered a question from one of his readers regarding the use of Macs by the good guys in movies and Windows use by bad guys.

“Since many Windows machines look alike, Apple is one of the few manufacturers that can gain by product placement, which accounts for some of the Macs. It’s true that the movie industry and creative types in general prefer the Mac. The novelist Tom Clancy sends e-mails with this signature line: ‘Never ask a man what computer he uses. If it’s a Mac, he’ll tell you. If it’s not, why embarrass him?’ “



  1. My favorite sig line is, “You recommend Macs to your friends, and Intel machines to those whom you don’t mind billing by the hour.”

    Then there’s the quote from Peter H. Lewis of the NY Times: “I suppose some things would move me to choose Windows… if, say, the alternative was eating rats. Both are acquired tastes.”

    But I guess that’s getting a little nasty.

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