Spam Filtering in Mozilla

By Deane Barker on August 25, 2003

I’ve begun using Mozilla Mail for personal email, and I’ve been quite impressed with its “junk mail filters.” It appears to be a rule-based filtering system which seems awfully accurate at flagging messages as spam.

Over the weekend, I got 182 emails, and Mozilla slashed this total to five by cutting out the spam. Now, it did get a few false positives in there, but this doesn’t bother me because, unlike the Bayesian Outlook filter, you can whitelist emails.

You can automatically collect email address that you’ve sent email to in the past, thus automatically whitelisting anyone you’ve ever sent email to. Additionally, there’s one-click tagging of emails that automatically moves them to the Junk folder.

Very well done for a free email client.



  1. If you like Mozilla, try Firebird and Thunderbird from These are smaller, lighter versions of the Mozilla browser and e-mail client, respectively. I finally switched to Thunderbird this weekend, and I’m enjoying the faster load times. Mozilla must realize that the ‘bird’s are better implementations too, since they will become the Mozilla 1.5 suite in place of the current branch.

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