The Secret Guide to Computers and Russ Walter

By Deane Barker on August 25, 2003

The Secret Guide to Computers: This book is in it’s 28th edition now. It’s a guide to, basically, everything about computers, written so just about anyone can understand it:

“On each PC board, you’ll see black rectangles. If you look closely at a black rectangle, you’ll see it has tiny legs, so it looks like a black caterpillar. (Though farmers think it looks like a ‘black caterpillar’, city folks think it looks more like a ‘yucky roach’. Kids call it just ‘a black thingy with legs’.)”

You can read the entire thing online, or you can buy a copy at the official site, at which you find this gem:

“Call the author, Russ Walter, at 603-666-6644, whenever you need a ‘helping hand’ or a ‘shoulder to cry on’ or a giggle. Call day or night, 24 hours: he’s usually in and sleeps just lightly. You can phone to ask about books, order them, get free help about computers or life, or just say hi. Russ will do whatever he can to make you happy.”

I would say this guy was one taco short of a combo meal, but I’ve paged through the book quite a bit and it’s actually very good, so maybe he’s just friendly?