Trash to Gas?

By on August 24, 2003

While the idea of converting organic material into oil products isn’t anything new — fossil fuels have been around for a while now — a process called thermal depolymerization developed by Changing World Technologies promises to give results in a slightly shorter time frame.

The versatile turkey has been chopped, pressed, and processed into foods as diverse as burgers and bacon. Now a Long Island entrepreneur wants to put a turkey in your tank.

Lots of federal & corporate money is driving research to quickly & economically convert stuff that would otherwise end up in landfills — turkey offal, tires, plastics, sludge, municipal waste, paper, and livestock remains — into usable products — “absorbent carbon (like that used in water filters), minerals for fertilizer, and a crude oil that is chemically similar to a mixture of diesel fuel and gasoline.”

Just think; that stuff you’d ordinarily send down the disposal could end up powering your fuel cell laptop! Wouldn’t that be cool?

Another good article on the subject here.



  1. Personally, I’m holding out for the “Computer, recycle,” command they use with the replicators on Star Trek. Recycling at the atomic level — too cool!

  2. I read another article about this process but i don’t remember where i found it. It said that the company says that it can make oil for $10-15 a barrel through this process in comparison to the $70 per barrel right now.

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