Disaster Social Network

By Deane Barker on April 21, 2013

San Francisco Is Building A Social Network For Emergencies Only: This is another idea down the line of recovers.org – a social network and communications system to be used when a disaster of some kind occurs.

What’s become clear over the last year is that there’s is a need for disaster and crisis coordination online, beyond hashtags. And San Francisco, the earthquake capital of the country, might have the solution.

In collaboration with the design firm IDEO, the city is creating a social networking website and app to connect people who want to help with those who need it. Through the SF72 platform, you will be able to preregister your home, supplies you have — say, an emergency generator — and relevant skills, such as emergency first aid. Instead of scanning hashtags, people will be able to simply log in to a preexisting community, knowing there will be specific offers for help organized by neighborhood.