Organizational Journalism Survey

By Deane Barker on March 29, 2013

I’m working on a survey with a research team from my alma mater – Augustana College (we made the Final Four, baby!) – on the topic of organizational journalism.  This is a high-fallutin’ word for all the news and updates people post to their websites.

I’ll be discussing the results in part at the Now What Conference in about three weeks, and we’ll be writing a white paper on it for release in May.

To this end, I have a survey that I want you or someone you know to take.  If you manage the news for your company, or you know the person who does, please go to this link and take this survey.  It’s short – will take 3-4 minutes at most – and you’re welcome to provide a name and address at the end to get a white paper with the results.

Enough jabbering.  Take the Organizational Journalism Survey

If you have greater interest here, I’ve written about this before.  It’s a subject in which I’m keenly interested, and which I feel is vastly misunderstood in today’s organizations.

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