Posts are Not Blogs

By Deane Barker on March 18, 2013

At some point, the words “blog” and “post” got all mixed up, and now “blog” is used for everything.  This remains a pet peeve of mine, so this post is a last gasp of protest before I shut the hell up about it.

A “blog” is a publication comprised of multiple installments.

A “post” is a single installment in that publication.

Therefore, a blog is a collection of posts.

This single post is not a “blog.” This blog, in fact, is comprised of 7,000 posts over 10 years.

Therefore, this is incorrect: “I wrote a new blog today."  No!  A thousand times, no!

And do not say: “Come look at my new blog,” unless you mean the site in general, not a specific post.  If you mean a specific post, then say “Come look at my new blog post.”

Saying “I wrote a new blog today” is only correct if you create a new blog, wrote a bunch of posts for it, and then shut it down.  To use “wrote” in the past tense implies that the blog is finished and has been shut down, and the word “new” implies that it was just created, so somehow the lifecycle of that entire site/publication/platform got rolled up into one day.

Someone who just wrote an article doesn’t say: “Check out the magazine I wrote today.”

(However, an opinion columnist does say: “Check out the new column I wrote today."  In that case, the group and the singular is the same, which is problematic.)

For the last time: “Post” is a singular noun.  “Blog” is a collective noun.  You did not “wrote a blog."  You may “write a blog,” meaning you continue to post updates to a specific website, but the only thing you “wrote” in the past tense was a “post.”

(Finally, “pedantic” is an adjective.)

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Vidar Langberget says:

I totally agree. And it only seems to get worse. I’m not sure if it really does get worse, or if it’s my annoyance with it that grows...

Noel Scheaffer says:


Matt Jensen says:

That was a good blog, Deane.

Pat says:

Just before I read this blog post, I was reading this blog post by Martin Fowler – How many times have you said “add the method to the object”? How many times have you ignored someone who said that?

Dave Nelson says:

I agree with this blog post; the misuse of the noun “blog” annoys me, too. Not as much as it annoys you, but we all have those certain things that just push us over the edge.

What do you think of “blog entry” as a synonym for “blog post”? I used to have a couple blogs, and for whatever reason I think I used to say (or at least think), “I posted a new entry on my blog today,” or something like that. It’s been a while, but I feel like I used to use “blog post” and “blog entry” interchangeably.

Also, how do you feel about the word “blog” as a verb? Would you be offended if someone said, “I really enjoy blogging!” or “I’m going to blog about that eventually.”?

Hendy says:

What is the difference between an opinion piece and and blog post?

What is the difference between a blog post and an article?