Computer Nostalgia

By Deane Barker on August 22, 2003 – rare, vintage and obsolete computers: I’m basking in the nostalgia of my little TI-99/4A.

“Early personal computers were nothing like present day computers, they had personality! Each was different and more exciting than the previous, with new features and capabilities. Sure, they have limited power, were possibly very expensive, and can’t run any software written for a different system, but that’s what makes them unique and interesting! This website is dedicated to the preservation and display of these vintage computer systems.”

The archive of old computer ads is priceless. Via Metafilter.



  1. We’ve just opened a site containing old archives from many of the older computer platforms, and a few emulators.

    See us online at

    We have no login or membership requirements, and no cost for downloading, and no cookies etc. Just plain-old “FREE”. ENJOY!

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