Linus on SCO

By Deane Barker on August 21, 2003

Torvalds Slams SCO: Linus gets all up in SCO’s face about their “infringing code.” On the subject of SCO’s claim that it’s not feasible to remove the offending code from Linux:

“They are smoking crack. Their slides said there are [more than] 800,000 lines of SMP code that are ‘infringing,’ and they are just off their rocker. The SMP code was written by a number of Linux people I know well (I did a lot of the SMP IRQ scalability myself, personally), so their claims are just ludicrous. And they claim they own JFS [journaled file system technology] too. Whee.”

On the subject of why SCO won’t identify the infringing code:

“If SCO can actually show code that is truly infringing, I (and a lot of other people) are going to figure out where it came from and remove the offending code. That goes without question.”