New Versions of Acrobat

By Deane Barker on March 13, 2003

Adobe is expanding the Acrobat line. In my job, we work with PDFs a lot and I think Acrobat is a piece of software taken way too much for granted. If you really dig into it, it’s pretty amazing what it can do. It’s good to see Adobe dropping the price for people who just want to create PDFs (though PDF995 will do that free).

“…customers who want to create Acrobat PDF documents, add comments and sign them would pay a higher price than customers who simply wanted to create a PDF document. Three pricing levels for PDF products are expected. Adobe, based in San Jose, will make a more detailed announcement on pricing in early April. The product now retails for $249.

The “lite” version is supposed to be $50. There’s some “server version” as well, starting at $20,000. I imagine it will do mass, unattended conversions, though there are some really good products out there that already do that.