Now What 2013

By Deane Barker on January 23, 2013

My company, Blend Interactive, is having a conference on April 18 in Sioux Falls: Now What 2013.

When we decided to put on a conference last year, we wanted to make sure it was relevant and actually gave people information they could use. I go to (and speak at) a lot of conferences, so I’ve learned what makes a good one and a bad one.  And, honestly, then are far more bad conferences than good.  If we were going to do this, we were going to do it right.

So we surveyed people who manage websites, and we asked them: what do you want to hear about?  The result was an overwhelming theme – don’t talk to me about building websites, talk to me about the one I have and how I can make it better. Tell me what to do about it.

And that’s where the title came from: you have a website…now what?

Another thing I was determined to do: get good speakers. The lineup that we put together is just fantastic: Lisa Welchman, Seth Gottlieb, Melissa Rach, Cathy McKnight, Molly Malsam, and that’s to say nothing about Corey and myself.

It says something that only two of the speakers are from Blend – we didn’t want to make this a Blend joint.  It’s our conference, sure, and there’s obviously some marketing benefit there. But the goal was for this to be as marketing neutral as realistically possible.  We want good content and a good event that helps people do their jobs better.  If there’s marketing value beyond that, wonderful, but I can honestly say it wasn’t our first thought.

Profit wasn’t either. Whenever we discussed pricing, the only question we had was: how affordable can we make it?  We’re paying speakers, flying them in, renting a venue, and buying lunch, so there are expenses involved. But we did everything we could to essentially make this a non-profit venture.  (In fact, if you include the otherwise-billable time we have into it, there’s zero chance we’ll turn a profit on it.)

So, if you’re in Sioux Falls, within driving distance, or just feel like jumping on a plane, I can promise a fantastic day of great information and networking.

The early bird registration is only $200.  It expires in a week, and then it’s $250 up to the week before the conference on April 18.

Register here.