The Bookless Library

By Deane Barker on January 23, 2013

A New Chapter? A Launch Of The Bookless Library: The library continues to evolve.  San Antonio is launching a library without books.

In keeping with technological advances, the county will house a library of neatly arranged LCD screens and gadgets instead of the traditional banquet of dog-eared print and paper books. The public library will be one of the first digital-only libraries of its kind.

With 50 computer terminals and a stock of laptops and tablets on-site, the building will also offer an array of preloaded e-readers available for the card-carrying customer to take home.

Another library tried this back in 2002, apparently, and immediately ran into a pretty big problem.

And the biggest issue? Most content is simply not available digitally to license and purchase.

“So your selection of best-sellers and popular media just went down the toilet because 99 percent of that is not available to libraries digitally,” she says

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