DiskGo Watch

By on August 19, 2003

For the geek who has everything, the DiskGO! USB Watch Flash Drive.

The DiskGO! Watch is available in 128MB and 256MB capacities and serves as a fully functional watch with an integrated USB 1.1 Flash Drive.  The DiskGO! Watch plugs directly into any computer’s USB port and is plug-and-play compatible with all popular operating systems.  The DiskGO! Watch immediately appears as a hard drive on the user’s desktop, allowing easy transfer and storage of pictures, MP3s, slide presentations, spreadsheets and other data.  The Watch’s USB 1.1 drive writes at 1MB per second and reads at 4.2MB per second. Secure Password Protection software is built-in for added security. 

Approx. $90 for the 128MB version; $140 for the 256.