DAM and Museum Collection Management

By Deane Barker on January 18, 2013

With DAM, do museums still need Collections Management Systems?: This post is a good example of how a good, extensible CMS product can usurp the market for bespoke systems.  In this case, Teresa is talking about museum collection management systems, which are really just digital asset management (DAM) systems with a specific flavor.

The purpose of the CMS is to catalogue a museum object’s various metadata, such as the object’s location in the museum, exhibition history, whether or not it’s out on loan, where it’s from, the era and place it’s from, and other relevant information. Often a bespoke system, the CMS is sometimes managed by someone who designed a complex database for museum object data several decades ago. It is too often bereft of a user-friendly interface, slow to search, and the bane of museum curators’ lives.

There are so many problems for which the core is a content management problem. If you have a system which provides a good base, build your solution on top of that, instead of starting from scratch.  Content is content – the rest is details.