Interesting SharpReader Feature

By Deane Barker on August 18, 2003

I tried out this SharpReader, and found it to quite competent — it’s a free, Windows newsreader. It seems to do all the right things. It’s very Outlook-ish: three panes, unread items bolded, etc. It lets you filter and sort and such.

But here’s the thing. Look at this screencap:

What it’s doing here is showing me that my entry links to the Wired article, and that two other blogs I’m subscribed to in SharpReader are also linking to it. So, if you’re interested in something a blog entry links to, you can automatically find entries in other blogs that are talking about the same thing.

Another nice feature:

“Instead of dragging/entering a rss-feed url, you can also use the web-page url itself. SharpReader will scan the source of the page for a link to its rss-feed and (if present) load this feed.”

All told, it’s nicely done. Free, too.



  1. One other thing I like a lot: there’s no installation. You download a zip, and there’s a bunch of DLLs and an executable. No install, no mucking up your hard-drive, nothing. I’m guessing that I could delete the folder and it would be gone. Nice.

  2. One thing I like is that due to the automatic linking of articles, if you subscribe to gadgetopia and gadgetopia comments, the comments appear under the article, just like they would on a web site. You can even post comments from it (which I’m doing right now).

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