Macs Aren’t Geeky Enough?

By on August 18, 2003

From MacinTouch, a Cringely column on Information Technology issues ranges from foreign outsourcing to a theory about the Mac’s lack of acceptance in corporate environments:

“For those who own Xserves, they are darned attractive — small, powerful, energy-efficient, easy to configure and manage, and offering dramatic savings for applications like streaming. Yet, Apple appears to be having a terrible time selling the things.

I used to think it came down to nerd ego. Macs were easy to use, so they didn’t get the respect of nerds who measured their testosterone levels by how fluently they could navigate a command line interface. Now, I think differently. Now, I think Macs threaten the livelihood of IT staffs. If you recommend purchasing a computer that requires only half the support of the machine it is replacing, aren’t you putting your job in danger? Exactly.”

I’ve often wondered the same.