By on August 18, 2003

Tofu 0.1 is a text reader for the screen that arranges text files in multiple columns, like a newspaper or magazine, with each column only as high as the window instead of in the usual long vertical column. As you read through the text, you scroll horizontally to see more text, rather than vertically. Reminds me of my cousin’s online photo albums at, where you scroll through the content horizontally instead of vertically. Works very nicely there.

The author describes the program as an experiment and requests comments.

Tofu is free for Mac OS X.



  1. The original Web site for Road and Track, years ago now, was a side-scroller. They had a table set to, like, 4,000 pixels or something, and it was divided up into cells in which a little piece of each article was placed. Must have been a nightmare to maintain.

    The International Herald Tribute ( ) does columns via some pretty advanced DHTML. You can set the number of columns on-the-fly.

  2. Does anyone have resources on how to implement the layout on I’m not even close to being good with Javascript or DHTML to do it myself. It could be done with Flash but I would prefer to use Javascript and DHTML.

    Thanks in advance.

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