By Deane Barker on August 18, 2003

Junkeater – We fight guestbook spam: Wonder if this would work for blog comments? I mean, who has a guestbook anymore?

“If you are a webmaster and use a guestbook or automatic link page on your website you are most likely very familiar with guestbook spam: People who ‘sign’ your guestbook without ever looking at your page, just to leave behind a link to their own commercial page. We got tired of these entries and started looking for a solution against it — but we couldn’t find one. So we developed our own. And we decided to share it with other webmasters: This is how junkeater was born. “

I read somewhere once that Google filters guestbook spam links out of its pagerank algorithms anyway.



  1. Google tries to detect guestbooks, but not every guestbook is automatically detectable by such simple techniques like file name or title tag comparison. And it seems as if Junkeater could be used with blogs too. They set up a greymatter blog as a demo.

  2. I also come up with this junkeater once but it turns to be worthless. As far as I know there are still special system designed to flood SPAM bots with hundreds of thousands of fake email addresses. 100 E-Mails per page, with a recursive link at the bottom to keep the BOT loading new lists. The recursive link changes randomly, so the BOT will never figure out its in a loop. Special encrypted message to notify your users what’s going on without jeopardizing the trap. But I’m still in the process of discovering that one.


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  3. Those comments can certainly wear on my nerves. I run many popular forums and blogs that get a lot of comments like that. I really dislike when they are completely off-topic. I don’t know about this guestbook junkeater thing. I haven’t heard many good reviews. Haven’t foudn agra out fo the box solution for this particular issue though I did find: http://cheapinkstore.com/. Every day I find a couple in my box that need my attention.

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