Come on baby, light my laptop!

By on August 17, 2003

A methanol fuel cell may soon be powering your laptop computer.

“MTI Micro unveiled the latest prototype of its direct methanol fuel cell, a power supply that is about the size of a deck of playing cards and promises to let handheld computers, cell phones, and other small computing devices work away from a power outlet for about 10 times as long as they can today, according to MTI Micro Chief Executive Officer Bill Acker, who detailed the fuel cell pack in an interview.”

Toshiba and NEC are said to have laptop machines in the works — slated for 2004 delivery — that make use of the new power sources. Look for third-party vendors to have aftermarket battery-replacement units available not too long after. I’ll definitely be in line early to buy one.

And I’ve got $10 that says Apple will beat them all to the punch.



  1. I can’t wait to start selling (1:12pm EST Sun Jan 25 2004) I can’t wait to see this released. I agree this will help with the prolferation and growth of the hydrogen fuel cells!!

    The importance of this product is that it will get in the hands of the influencers who will eventually buy Hydrogen cars. This will show that it works and works well. We need to get past the earlier adopters and move fuel cells into the early majority where we will see exponential growth.

    Keep up the good work and everyone…when it does come out…talk it up…show support…or else it will fizzle out…some choices are long term choices…pay now or pay later…there may be alternatives that seem cheaper, but in the long run the cost looks much different.

    • by H-Man!

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