Tricking Intrusive Apps on Facebook

By Deane Barker on November 19, 2012

Would You Let a Company Impersonate You on Facebook?: MousePrint is a blog devoted to all the things that companies try to get away with in the small print.  Today it’s Lowes, who wants to give you prizes in exchange for being allowed to post to your Facebook timeline.

Now, this is kind of (sadly) business-as-usual, and I was surprised that MousePrint had never seen this type of thing before.  But what I liked was that MousePrint points out an obvious way around this which I didn’t notice.

[…] there is an option to control to whom the Lowe’s app would send their advertisements. As shown above, it defaults to sending those incognito ads to all your friends. However, you can change the setting so that Lowe’s only sends them to just you.

Essentially, you can authorize the Lowes app, but set everything it posts as visible to “Only Me.”  If you like a post it makes and – for some odd reason – you want to show it everyone, change the visibility after it gets posted and you’ve had a chance to read it.

I like it.  It’s like a hacked-up approval workflow for Facebook.