Fake Blogs as Spam?

By Deane Barker on August 16, 2003

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?: This guy has a blog to document his attempt at increasing his penis size using those pills hawked via spam.

“I got my pills from Pro Solution yesterday. Came in a plain white box as promised. I had ordered the 4-month supply and it came with a free bottle of Volume Pills which are supposed to increase the volume of my… . The website says it would take 2 months to really notice any increase. I guess this is a good marketing ploy.”

Now, here’s the interesting thing: is this guy legit, or is this a novel attempt to shill for someting by setting up a fake blog to document the (no doubt) “AMAZING SUCCESS OF THIS PRODUCT!!!!!”

I don’t think fake blogs are new, but in the past they’ve been for humor or story-telling value. I remember one that supposedly documented an Arab princess’s flight from her domineering family, but I don’t remember where to find it. It read like a bad romance novel. I always wanted to write one as the journal of James Bond. (Because, you know, every good spy writes stuff down and publishes it to the Web…)

If this guy is, in fact, working for the company, this is an awfully sneaky thing to do. So, is he for real, or isn’t he?



  1. It’s undoubtedly bull crap. All the links have affiliate tags, and they all go to the set group of dick enlargement sites that are owned and operated by the same people.

    Blogs are increasingly being used to market products online, just like every other aspect of the online community… beware the blog, just one more way marketers are using the Internet to pull the wool over consumers eyes, especially the eyes of insecure consumer looking to enlarge things that mother nature never intended be messed with… lol!


  2. Search engines are getting smarter all the time, one day they’ll figure it out and all the black hat seo and penis enlargement spam junkies will be done… sure I’m in the business, I’m a webmaster for God sake.

    There is money to made marketing herbals. I mean why not, if they don’t buy from me, then they buy from my competition online or a local health food store. Hell you can the same herbal formulas in some of the local super markets now a days.

    The real issue is whether you market a legitimate product and use ethical marketing tactics, or sell crap via spam and black hat seo (just for example, I by no means imply that black hat is the only unethical means of marketing online, so no emails please!… ).

    Making up fake testimonials and fake penis enlargement journals in an attempt to convince potential clients that your over priced dick pills actually will make their cocks grow like pinocchio’s nose is just wrong… as is setting up bogus blogs with nothing but repetitive content (or no content at all) and keyword loaded anchor text pointing to commercial shopping carts just waiting to such the credit cards right out of the surfer’s pockets!

    Just my two cents I guess, either that or I’m living (and working) in deep denial… na, couldn’t be that… could it…………..

  3. The problem is bigger than you think. Google, yahoo and msn boost sites that have many incoming links from blogs. This causes an increase in spam to blogs.

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