SCO: GPL Is Invalid

By Deane Barker on August 16, 2003

SCO to argue General Public Licence invalid: They’re apparently going to try and invalidate the entire concept of open-source.

“The GPL licence allows software and work derived from it to be copied by anyone at no charge. But according to today’s WSJ, quoting lawyer Mark Heise, the GPL is pre-empted by US federal copyright law. How does that work then? According to Heise, federal law only lets people make a single backup copy of software, and that makes the GPL void under US law.”



  1. “The attacks will continue, and we will fight back. We are on a hill, and we intend to fight this until we have it beat. We are not going away,” McBride said, adding that the question underpinning SCO’s actions is whether software should be free.

    The Free Software Foundation wants all software to be free, and “that will have a negative impact on us all. When the list price is zero, the margin doesn’t matter. SCO is fighting for the silent majority, and what happens here will affect you all,” he said.,3959,1224274,00.asp

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