Legimate Email Dragged Under by Spam

By Deane Barker on August 15, 2003

Caught in the Crossfire: Email is a mess these days. People who used to send email to their legitimate customers are having to rethink that strategy.

“Less than 24 hours later, Gastel received a stern message from her Internet hosting service. A user had reported her e-mail as spam, the host told her. One more complaint, and she’d be shut down for good. ‘I was very spooked,’ Gastel says. ‘One complaint and I came this close to out of business.’”



  1. I’m sorry, but sending 1,000 unsolicited e-mails is spam, even it it was to her own customers. It was an honest mistake, and do you get one for free. Sounds like she used hers.

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