Reinventing the Wheel

By Deane Barker on March 4, 2003

So, I’m using w.bloggar, and some things are annoying me: (1) there’s no column for Extended Entry, (2) it’s not WYSIWYG when there are lots of ways it could be, (3) there’s no way to assign multiple categories, etc. I posted a request on the Movable Type Support Forum for client recommendations, and the only person who responded recommended this tool.

Anyway, I suddenly want to write my own MT desktop client using Microsoft’s HTML Application technology (which I used for Fleming) and written just for MT (unlike this tool, that’s written using an API common to about a dozen blogging platforms). Using this technology, I could add a WYSIWYG editor (htmlarea or even Ektron, via a licensing loophole). [sigh] Why do I do this? Why can’t a leave a tool alone?



  1. i been looking for a client for MT for a while never found one that I liked. I would support your decision to make a client.

    i even started to make my own once using Post and Get method. Basically I posting a new entry, capturing the packet. Then decrypted it replaced the entry/title/extended entry with my new ones then resent the packet. it worked but I never finished it off the program

  2. I downloaded w.bloggar today to help my girlfriend with updating our site assuming it would have a wysiwyg editor built in also. I can’t believe it doesn’t include one!? WTF? Are you still thinking of building you own? I’d love to see a WYSIWYG API. BTW, I’m using Blogworks XML since it’s coded in the language I know best, thanks to a certain someone ;)

  3. Deane,

    You wouldn’t be reinventing the wheel because their is nothing out there that does what you want. I too am also thinking about making my own desktop client since w.bloggar has a lot of flaws. Let me know if you plan on doing this.

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