Back to CMS Basics

By Deane Barker on September 25, 2012

Web CMS.  Back to the basics.  Crawl. Walk. Run.: Tom Wentworth put together a nice post about how the CMS demos he’s being asked to do are still covering the same basic principles they were a decade ago.

The product demonstration we were asked to show was effectively the same Interwoven TeamSite demonstration I used to give when I was a Sales Engineer back in 2001. […]

  • Crawl: Distributed authoring, content governance, brand consistency.
  • Walk: Multisite management, multi-lingual authoring and workflow, social media and publishing, search.
  • Run: Content targeting, conversion rate optimization, integration of existing marketing tools like CRM and Marketing Automation.

I guess my current view is a little bit different. More than anything, I see CMS demos skewing hard into content marketing.  Core management has become a commodity, and if clients are having problems here, it’s a governance issue 99% of the time, not a CMS issue.